Gen Muhoozi defends Mwenda for wearing army Uniform

Veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda and Gen Muhoozi in office.

After video circulated on social media showing veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda pausing in a military chopper claiming to go out and bomb the ADF camps, the first son, who also serves as the commander Land Forces of the UPDF Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has defended Mwenda for wearing the army’s uniform.

According to Gen Muhoozi, Mwenda is one of many Ugandans who admire the UPDF’s efforts to bring about peace and security, and as a token of their gratitude, they dress up in military garb to get a feel for the uniform that protects them.

“My bro Mwenda is part of the massive fan base that UPDF has because of the great work we do. They want to wear our uniforms, hold our guns and even pretend to fly our aircraft. It means nothing. They are just excited beings.

A victorious army like ours is used to such adoration.” Muhoozi tweeted. Mwenda was under fire from opposition MPs, who stated that there is a discriminatory manner when it comes to individuals.

According to the opposition, numerous NUP supporters have been imprisoned for wearing clothing that has been gazetted or made a monopoly for the army under the UPDF laws, whereas Mwenda has walked around freely without being detained.

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Yesterday the UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Flavia Byekwaaso  stated that Mwenda is likely to face charges for donning the army uniform when he is not a soldier.

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