Investigative: kicks of a dying horse, Inside Rukira Kankweza’s Mysterious Arrest.

Writter Kakweza Rukira

In  his litany of expression Rukira Kakwenza posted on his Facebook and Twitter handles what seemed to be him being kidnapped.  “Currently under house arrest! Gunmen are breaking into my house”.

However, authorities later had it that he was legally arrested from his home in  kisasi on the 28th of December 2021 though the reason for his arrest was not disclosed through later it was unmasked that the “greedy barbarian” author was allegedly arrested for offensive Communication.


Kakwenza Rukira 33,  is a renown award-winning Novelist and prominent writer!(Author of The Greedy Barbarian  and Banana Republic).

The Plot.

The inaudible arrest attracted a lot of local and International  attention calling for his release and status update!. Later,  Criminal Investigations Directorate (CMI) Spokesperson Charles Twiine confirmed the arrest of the author and washed off the “abduction” rumors circulating on social media

Twiine explained that on December 24th, 2021, Rukira  Kakwenza, using his Twitter handle repeatedly abused President Museveni using words that were derogatory, abusive, and belittling, without any purpose of legitimate communication.

He(Twiine)further added that Kankweza still through his Twitter handle on the 26th of December  attacked Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba, using the same derogatory, abusive and belittling words.

“A civilized person cannot mention those words here. It is so hurting, it is very bad. Abusing has no legitimate platform even socially in our different cultures and even legally. Even the most known opposition politicians here have not used some of these words” -Twine

The current,

Social media has been in flames of talks with posts, hashtags, posters and cartoons  in what seems to be a call of release of Rukira since no one has seen him ever since he was arrested! Friends, family and advocates later demanded kankweza to be brought to courts of law than being detained over the eligible time of detention!.  However, it’s like the efforts have hit below the belt, no positive response has been taken by the authorities who claimed the accountability of his detention.

Finally, on the 4th January 2022, Makindye magistrate Irene Nambatya ordered that Kankweza should be unconditionally released from police custody.

Kankweza‘s abrupt arrest  still indicates transparency  loopholes in the  system of power  and also leaves series of questions on the status of  freedom of Speech and expressions in the country, no one has heard straight from the horse’s mouth! All eyes are still on the authorities and Kankweza‘s advocates to see if they’ll both strike a balance.


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