Three arrested for selling covid vaccination cards to the unvaccinated

Three people have been arrested and detained for selling unvaccinated people Covid-19 vaccination cards.
Two health staff and a cleaner were detained in Hoima for selling Covid-19 vaccination cards to persons who had not yet been vaccinated.

The culprits have been selling vaccination cards for between Shs 20,000 and Shs 50,000 to desperate people who needed vaccination cards despite not being immunized.

The arrests come after a cleaner, Ivan Rwebembera, was captured on camera bargaining with unknown residents for vaccination cards despite the fact that he was unvaccinated.

The customer is given a vaccination card at the bargain, as seen in the film, indicating that he was completely vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Rwebembera was apprehended after police discovered the footage, and after being interrogated, he disclosed that he was working hand in hand with two other health workers, who have also been captured. Johnson vaccination is a vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson.

Rwebembera was selling the cards to persons who did not want to be vaccinated, according to ASP Julius Hakiza, a police spokesperson for the Albertine district.

There are individuals who believe they are unable to receive the standard immunization, so they go to Rwebembera, who sells them cards,” Hakiza explained.

Police have opened a criminal file against the workers, according to Hakiza, and are awaiting advice on what charges they can bring against them.

Accepted vaccination cards include a QR code that can be tracked back to the system, according to Health Ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Ainebyoona, and anyone possessing false cards risk being arrested.
Since vaccination cards were required for access to public transportation and several government agencies, there has been a feverish search for them.

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