Passengers told to carry vaccination cards to use public transport means

The Ministry of Health in Uganda has instructed all travelers to carry their immunization cards as key to enter public transportation as the number of Covid 19 cases continues to rise.
The Ministry has also instructed drivers to make sure they don’t carry any one who is not vaccinated (having no vaccination card) as a means to prevent the wide spread of the notorious corona virus.
However, Taxi drivers have already stated that determining which card is genuine and which is fake will be difficult, since many travelers may resort to printing fraudulent vaccination cards in order to use public transportation.
Currently, there are no technology gadgets in taxi stands and bus stops that can scan the authenticity of vaccination cards that passengers may show to gain access to public transportation.
President Museveni fully opened up the economy on December 31, 2021, allowing taxis and buses to carry full capacity for the first time.
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