PICTORIAL: Inside the ADF bases taken by the UPDF


The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group’s largest camp, Kambi Ya Yua, was captured by the UPDF last week.

The camp, which sits on eight acres of Virunga forest land, is thought to have housed approximately 600 ADF fighters and their families.

“The camp was seized with minor enemy resistance and had no effect on the joint forces,” the UPDF and FADRC said in a joint statement.

The literature discovered, bomb-making materials, a damaged laptop, 129 live rounds of PK machine gun ammunition loaded in their chain, 155 live rounds of sub machine gun ammunition, three solar panels, and ADF strength registers, according to the UPDF, the captured camp was a host to military training and Islamic radicalization activities.

The Ugandan army claims that air and artillery strikes, as well as the ground forces’ advance, have limited the ADF militants’ ability to plan their activities.

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“The entrenched enemy sites, many of which were senior leaders’ command centers, were also demolished and rendered uninhabitable for them.” The joint forces continue to discover many more targets using intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance assets, which are subsequently quickly engaged by air and artillery strikes,” the UPDF said in a statement.


“In accordance with the General Agreement on Defence Co-operation between the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Government of the Republic of Uganda and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Uganda People’s Defence Forces and the Democratic Republic of Congo Armed Forces, the UPDF and FARDC will continue to hunt down ADF/ISCAP terrorists in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces of Eastern DRC.”

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