Meet “Jjemba”, the man in viral Memes

Godfrey Jjemba Junior

Photos later used as memes of a one Godfrey Jjemba have been surfacing online and on air in what first seemed as a joking aspect. Jjemba aka Omugenzi has shined in fame following his popular picture of him reading announcements at a funeral.

Decorated in a sky blue shirt, blue-white pants with a waste bag and a  masked below his chin, Jjemba (Omugenzi)’s picture has been widely used on Social media and with different captions!.

The 68year old, Jjemba Godfrey is  currently a resident of Mbulakati village, Kitimbwa town council in Kayunga district. He (Jjemba) says “I offered to help out and people loved what I did on that day. Since then, I have been reading announcements at funerals and people like me. For two years now, I have been doing this, and I love it”. The words express how passionate he is about his non-profit job.

However, the popular Meme star says he had no clue about his photo circulating online, also added that one time he read  announcements of the deceased had died of malaria, other people claimed he had died of bleaching. He’d never known that bleaching can kill someone

He further talked about how he earns from this activity, ” I don’t have any specific payment and I don’t charge the bereaved. They give me water in form of money and this is not specific. Whatever amount of money a mourner deems fit is what they give me in appreciation for the job I do.

Godfrey Jjemba the man in Omugenzi yafuddeki memes

Even though Jjemba has become popular he seems not to be on the same page with the internet era as he expressed his discomfort towards the  changes/adjustments that are made in him and his statements “However, what surprised me was the dress code in some of those photos. Whereas I was dressed in a trouser on the day, I was surprised to see a photo of me putting on a skirt”-Jjemba.

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