Kampala City Dwellers worried over Minister Milly Bamalanda’s Letter.

Huddu Hussein RCC for Kampala

Due to the Omicron surging cases, Kampala City Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC) Hudu Hussein has disclosed that all non vaccinated individuals are not going to be granted access to government offices, this has come about following  minister Milly  Bamalanda‘s letter to RDC’s to recheck and reinforce S.O.Ps.

Hudu says they’re going to recheck all shops and arcades as well as trying to limit on the population explosion with in downtown which is allegedly a harboring center for the virus. He further more expressed his minds saying “the economy rather fades low than me dying those that don’t follow S.O.Ps are to be shut down”.

Notably, Hudu Hussain and Kampala city Lord mayor have been at log heads over street vendors decision to be sent off streets, in an open  talk Lord mayor Elias Lukwago reminded him (Hussain) about city enforcement leaders who are prior to him and their endings. (Jenifer Musisi, Betty kamya among others.) also said “It is not within the mandate of the RCC to deal with issues of trade order, no, that is not his mandate. That is the work of KCCA,”- Lord mayor Kampala City.

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