UPDF put 6 ADF rebels out of action.

Six Allied Democratic Force (ADF) rebels have been killed in the battle of Bandipese, according to reports from operation Shujaa in the eastern DRC.

The battle began after the UPDF and FARDC forces ambushed a section of the ADF forces who were attempting to cross from one part of the forest to another after their camps were destroyed by airstrikes and artillery fire.

According to UPDF sources, neither the Ugandan army nor the DRC suffered any casualties, which was attributed to a good war plan and tactics used by the men on the battlefield.

The UPDF has vowed to never leave DRC until the ADF has been completely eradicated, ensuring that Uganda’s peace is preserved.

The UPDF also promised to conduct more operations and attacks, as well as to call on ADF fighters to surrender, promising that those who do so will not be harmed but rather rehabilitated.

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