“Go slow on the corrupt Officials.” M7 tells Kamya

Museveni and Beti Kamya: Courtsey photo

Yesterday Uganda joined the rest of the world to observe the Anti-corruption day with the events held at Kololo Airstrip.

During her speech as the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Beti Kamya said she is going to invest so much of her efforts in carrying out the life style audits of public servants to see as to whether their spending patterns correspond to what they actually earn as salary at their places of work.

In response, Gen Museveni warned Beti Kamya about the effects of carrying out the life style audit to the economy.

Gen Museveni said that Uganda is still lucky that the corrupt steal the money and invest it here by building hotels, Arcades and other things.

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Gen Museveni added that if a life style audit is carried out, it may force the corrupt to start flying the money out of the country something that may have a negative impact to the economy.

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