The NRA/UPDF launches ground assault against the ADF in DRC

Following a successful air and artillery raid on ADF camps in Northern Kivu, Eastern DRC, the Ugandan Army is currently on the ground with her DRC counterpart, attempting to entirely remove the ADF insurgents in the area.

Residents of Eastern DRC look up to see a massive heavily armed force patrolling through the villages as they go deep into the jungle to encircle and fully eliminate the rebel groups responsible for the deaths of over 1200 civilians this year alone.

Air and artillery raids yesterday targeted the insurgent camps of Madina 1 and 2, as well as Katanda and Mashini.

According to UPDF sources, Uganda has sent in 7500 troops so far, with more than 2500 expected to arrive in DRC by Friday. General Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Commander Land Forces, is with the soldiers, taking full control of all operations so far.

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The strikes were on target, according to UPDF Spokesperson Gen Flavia Byekwaaso, and the rebels were severely damaged.

Byekwaaso promised victory and stated that this would be the last time the ADF would consider disrupting Uganda’s peace.

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