UPDF have launched air and artillery attacks on ADF camps

The NRA/UPDF commenced air and artillery attacks on ADF camps this morning.
After being given the go-ahead to hunt down the ADF in the DRC, Uganda launched air and artillery operations against the ADF hiding in the DRC alongside its regional partners.

This was confirmed by UPDF Spokesperson Gen Flavia Byekwaaso, and it comes just days after a source in the DRC government confirmed claims that the country has granted Uganda authority to hunt the rebel forces that have tormented the region.

Following the double bombings in Kampala, President Museveni threatened to completely demolish the ADF with this rapid and merciless reaction, one of several predicted attacks against the rebels.

According to a source within the army, Gen Museveni has directed the Army Commander to organize a force of over 10,000 soldiers ready to infiltrate the Congolese jungles.

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