Ugandans worried over fuel prices that are sky rocketing

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By Toni Junior

The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed the entire economy bring about the inevitable escalation of fuel prices in Uganda which has left fuel consumers overwhelmed! From 3300shs, 3450shs,3500shs to 4590shs, 4560shs per liter, the price dramatic change is countrywide with different petrol stations!.

Notably, the most heart-wrenching fact is that when the fuel prices increase, they never get back to their initial prices, utmost every Moto driver narrates his or her uncomfortably about what’s transpiring which is also leading to the increased transport hiking since fuel costs are high!.

A few of the Fuel moguls say fuel is costly from where they get it & that’s what has resulted in the dramatic fuel price increase!. Up to this point, the government hasn’t come out to intervene in these issues which leave no bacon of hope for the consumers even tho over the days the public concerns have been high.

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The situation is an alarm to the government to speed up the process of extracting Uganda’s oil, perhaps it will help in solving such untimely problems.

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