Masaka to Dubai! Concerns arise as man vends Nsenene on Ug-airline.

Paul Mubiru vending grasshoppers on Uganda airline board

By Toni Junior

News: A random video has surfaced on the internet and sparked off a series of unending talks on Social media following the outrage vending of Nsene(Grasshopper) to passengers in the economy class. In the video, a Mubiru Paul is seen holding a big, blue polythene bag and telling the passengers to buy.

In a tweet, Minister for works & transport condemned the action, “About the video making rounds on social media of someone vending Nsenene aboard @UG_Airlines, I have spoken to the leadership of the airline to take action against the staff who were in charge when this happened,” other different senior government officials have also condemned the action.

The unethical practice leaves hanging questions about the Uganda airlines’ management.

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