Faridah Nakazibwe on cloud 9, she lands another juicy deal

Left to right Faridah Nakazibe, Eleanor Nabwiso, and Laila Kalanzi Kachapizo Movit ambassadors.

By Tim Mugisha

Faridah Nakazibwe, an NTV Uganda news anchor and Mwasuze Mutya show host, and legendary musician Lilian Mbabazi are beaming all the way to the bank. This comes after they were named brand ambassadors for Movit cosmetics and its products on Tuesday.

The duo will have a straightforward mission: to work hard and showcase Movit’s new products, including the All-New Movit Family Soap.

Faridah is one of Uganda’s most well-known celebrities, having been hired by a number of corporations to promote their products. She presently represents Chipper Cash, Victoria University, Movit, and Tecno, among others.

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