“The pigs will perish. We are going for them.” Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni


The commander in leader of the militia Gen Yoweri Museveni got here out bitterly to sentence the acts of terrorism that occurred in Uganda the day gone by after dual bombs exploded Killing three Ugandans and wounding 28 others. Gen Museveni issued a announcement in which he stated that each one the ones in the back of those will perish due to the fact the navy goes move for them not  for peace talks however as an alternative to ruin them completely.

Gen Museveni delivered that its desirable the pigs (attackers) have are available a time while Uganda is extra organized than ever earlier than to counterterrorism and this time they’ll analyze a sour lesson of by no means to disturb the peace of Uganda again.

A very busy bitter Museveni also added that the same criminals are the ones who tried to kill Gen Katumba earlier this year, and they have now started using suiciding bombing an act that will be defeated soonest.

Museveni also said the attackers belong to the ADF rebel group having its main base in DRC adding that he is working with neighbouring countries closely to make sure that they can send Ugandan troops to go battle them out wherever they are.

Museveni said the ADF were defeated as they carried out rural terrorism with the last battle being in the Semiliki valley, and now they have resorted to urban terrorism. The General promised Ugandans that no one will succeed in disturbing the peace of Uganda.

Museveni also asked Ugandans to be more vigilant and report any suspicious object or person as this will help to get rid of terrorism.

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