FDC warns parliament over the approval of 50b to Dr. Musenero

Kira MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda. File photo
By Toni Junior
The Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) through its spokesperson Honorable Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda has warned the parliament over approving shs 50B as requested by the office of the president to help out Minister MONICA  MUSENERO in the research and development of the COVID 19 vaccine!.
“The western countries have contributed a reasonable number of vaccines to which have been used to vaccine Ugandans, there’s no need for the government to add more money in the COVID-19 development, Minister Musenero shouldn’t be given more money”- Ssemujju said.
Minister Monica Musenero has been recently attached to money issues where allegations indicate that she 31B Shs were shared between her, her husband, and her relatives. These allegation reports were tabled by Hon Yona Musinguzi last week, since then they’ve been surfacing within the public domain.
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