Ssemujju Nganda and Gen Jim Muhwezi battle face to face


By Toni Junior

Kira municipality legislature Hon Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda bitterly exchanges words with Minister of Security Gen Jim Muhwezi in a TV show (On the spot).

Hon Ssemujju expressed his minds towards transparency in the National Resistance Movement NRM regime and his reasons why he doesn’t believe in the M7s administration, he further goes ahead to tell Gen Muhwezi that they (m7 government) isn’t in power because of Elections but rather force.

Ssemujju went ahead to pinpoint Muhwezi asking him why he was battling election ridding cases in court. “ I’ve never been in Court of elections, you (Muhwezi) you didn’t win the elections — Hon Ssemujju.  Jim is seen silent as a saint as he is not allowed to speak against the accusations.

The heated argument, started from the very minute till the last minute, the two have been having issues within the house in recent times.

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