Police summons Hon Zaake about PFT alleged protest.

Mityana Municipality Mp Hon Zaake Francis

While briefing the country about the current security situation in Uganda today  8th November 2021 in Kampala, Police alleges that Dr kizza Besigye new pressure group “PEOPLE’S FRONT FOR TRANSITION” (PFT) has been in plots to start protests with motivations of off taking the Current  ruling Government.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said “Mitiyana legislator Francis Zzake has been summoned to answer questions on how they are planning to overtake the government” further more four (4) people attached to NUP in kasese have been arrested on grounds that they’ve been registering people to participate in the protests.

Notably, the protests were set to transpire in November and December 2021. Police says it’s not going to give a blind eye to actions by the opposition leaders  intended to disrupt Uganda’s peace.

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