4 arrested in connection to bomb blasts.

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

Following the sad terrorism incident on October 23, 2021, in which one innocent member of the public, Nyinaneza Emily, died and four others were critically injured, the Uganda Police Force has reported the arrest of 48 suspects.

Security Agencies from the Joint Anti-Terrorism Unit (JATT), the Joint Intelligence Components of CMI, CI, and ISO, CID, have been in charge of the activities.

The accused are claimed to have ties to the country’s terrorist attacks. Individuals, small cells that have been broken up, and others engaged in various terrorist activities are among those involved.

Police says the public should know that the threats of terrorism, especially on soft targets, are still in existence and as thus police will continue to expand the intelligence led operations, to ensure all Ugandans and visitors are protected.

“Over the last week, Ugandans and foreigners alike have turned out in force to loudly denounce the attacks and demonstrate unity in the fight against terrorism.” “The threats and attacks are occurring as the economy prepares to fully open in January 2022,” said police spokesperson Fred Enaga.

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They are concentrating their efforts on soft targets, which are numerous and difficult to defend, such as restaurants, public transportation, and shopping centers.

Police adds that the best defence against any terrorist threats is a collective community effort where security agencies and the public come together to minimize the chance of an attack and that is why, we have launched the massive sensitization and awareness campaigns on vigilance.

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