Taliban shoot 3 dead for playing music on wedding

The Taliban assassinate three people for playing music at a wedding.
Three guests at a wedding were killed by gunmen claiming to be Taliban members for playing music, according to the Taliban government, which condemned the action.
“Three guys masquerading as Taliban joined the ceremony last night at the wedding of Haji Malang Jaan in Shamspur Mar Ghundi town of Nangarhar and asked the music to stop,” the official stated. “After a shooting, at least three persons were killed and several others were injured”.
“Two individuals were apprehended by the Taliban, and the third, who managed to flee, is being sought,” the official said. According to him, the attackers “presented personal accounts in the name of the Islamic Emirate and now face the burden of Sharia law.”
The incident was confirmed by Qazi Mullah Adel, a spokesman for Nangarhar province, but no additional details were provided. “Three Taliban came in and shot three young people who were playing music in a separate room.” According to an eyewitness, two of the injured are in critical condition.
During their previous regime (1996–2001), the Taliban effectively banned secular music. Despite the fact that the new Islamic government has yet to pass legislation on the subject, it considers listening to non-religious music to be against Islamic law.
A government spokeswoman emphasized at the recent press conference that the Taliban rejects such actions. “If someone kills a man, even if it is one of our men, he is doing a crime, and we will prosecute him,” he said.
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