Sudanese Prime Minister placed under house arrest.

Abdullah Hamdok_sudan_prime_minister
Sudan prime minister Abdullah Hamdok

Sudan’s Prime Minister has been placed under house arrest, according to television reports. According to reliable reports from Khathourm, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok has been placed under house arrest by the army.

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s residence was encircled by the military. After a meeting between Abdel Fattah al-Burkhan, the leader of the country’s Sovereign Council, and Hamdok, mass arrests occurred in the country late at night.

Among the detainees are the ministers of communications, information, finance, industry, cabinet affairs, as well as the representative of the Sovereign Council (from the civilian forces) Muhamed al-Faki and the governor of Khartoum Ayman Nimr.

Supporters of the main opposition movement, Forces for Freedom and Change, have already called on people to take to the streets and resist “attempts by the military to usurp power.”

Meanwhile, al-Burkhan is anticipated to make a statement in the next few hours.

Sudan has been experiencing a crisis in relations between the military and civilian forces for several weeks. Attempts to reconcile differences through conversation did not yield the desired results, and officials from opposing camps took to the streets to rally their supporters.

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