Islamic State responsible for a bomb attack in Komamboga.


According to Reuters, Islamic State claimed responsibility for a bomb assault that killed at least one person in Uganda’s capital Kampala on Saturday night in a message uploaded late Sunday on an affiliated Telegram channel.

According to Reuters, members of the gang detonated an explosive device in a bar in Kampala where “members and spies of the Crusader Ugandan government were gathered.”

According to authorities, the explosive, which was filled with nails and shrapnel, was aimed at a pork restaurant on the outskirts of the capital in Komamboga.

According to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga three males dressed as customers entered the restaurant, placed a polythene bag under a table, and then left shortly before the explosion.

According to Police, the explosion killed a 20-year-old waitress and injured three others, two of whom were in severe condition. All evidence point to a domestic terror attack.

The attack “appears to be a terrorist act,” said President Museveni.

In 2010, the Somali Islamist militant group al Shabaab carried out a bomb attack in Kampala, killing huge numbers of people and claiming to be punishing Uganda for sending troops to Somalia.

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