Zaake’s father the root-cause of Bagala’s victory nullification


Joyce_bagala_woman mp_mityana
Mityana MP Hon Francis Zaake and Woman MP Joyce Bagala who was thrown out of parliament

Zaake’s father the root cause of Bagala’s victory nullification

Yesterday, the High court in Mubende ordered the Electoral Commission to conduct fresh elections for the Mityana District Woman MP seat after nullifying the election of Joyce Bagala.

The petitioner Judith Nabakooba who came 2nd in the race accused Bagala of bribing voters and added that at the time of vote counting, her valid votes were counted among the invalid votes and that on the basis of this, the results were affected in a substantial manner and as such, her victory was snatched.

The charge of bribery was based on reports that Francis Butebi Ssembusi, a renowned businessman and father to Mityana Municipality MP Zaake Francis Butebi gave Shs 200,000 to Bonny Kalema, Annet Nakaggwa, Annet Alumaiya and Varitino Sebwarida and asked them to vote for Bagala. The judge faulted Bagala for not bringing Butebi to court, to justify why he was giving out money on his behalf.

“Bagala was asked in cross-examination about Butebi’s activities allegedly done on her behalf. Her answer was that she did not know a businessman in Mityana called Butebi. She however conceded that she knew the father of Hon. Francis Zaake, the area MP whom she said was called Francis Sembusi,” the judge said.

The judge ruled that the response was an attempt by Bagala to be evasive since the witnesses had variously identified the individual in question as Francis Butebi Sembusi.

The judge also relied on evidence by one Tolophina Nakyagaba, a registered voter at Namyeso primary school who said that she received a bribe from MP Zaake to persuade her to vote for Bagala.

The court ruled that the evidence from all the said people confirmed that Francis Butebi Sembusi who bribed voters was an agent of Bagala given that all these witnesses identified him as a person who was providing money to voters to vote in favour of Bagala, and that the bribery of voters was carried out with the knowledge, consent and approval of the candidate.

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