“Ssegirinya was already sick before coming to prison”_ Baine

Prison spokesperson Frank Baine.

News: Frank Baine the prison spokesperson says Muhammad Ssegirinya was already sick before being taken to Kigo prison.

The Spokesperson of Uganda Prisons services Afande Frank Baine has come out to say that as Prisons, they received Hon Ssegirinya Mohammed while he was already sick and having injuries.

Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya showing his rotting foot.

Baine was trying to clear the air after Ssegirinya was seen with wounds allover his foot while attending court on zoom alleging that he had been tortured by the prison wardens while at Kigo prison.

Baine denied the claims, saying the legislator was already sick at the time he was handed over to them adding that as prisons, they never torture their members.

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“It has never been in our interest that we torture our family members. Yes, Hon. Ssegirinya is sick, and we are treating him for as long as he is with us, many times, we receive these inmates from court when they are already sick,” Baine said.

“When someone has been tortured, we encourage them to tell us when they were tortured and by whom. That’s how we can follow up,” Baine said.

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