CMI has arrested a suspected rebel leader.

Rebel-arrested- Openjuru-Howard
Howard Openjuru arrested suspected to be the leader of one of the rebel groups/ courtesy photo

News “Ugandan intelligence has captured the head of the purported Uganda Homeland Liberation Force, Openjuru Howard, inside the country. It was a carefully planned operation that required numerous months. CMI is demonstrating that it is a truly excellent intelligence service,” Lt Gen Muhoozi said.

According to the Commander of the Land Forces in the UPDF, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainergaba , Openjuru Howard is the head of the Uganda Homeland Liberation Force (UHLF) and was captured by CMI.

The Commander of the Land Forces clarified that the capture followed a while of following and various sources showed that he was captured in Njeru, on the edges of Jinja town in Eastern Uganda.

According to the army, Openjuru’s Uganda Homeland Liberation Forces has been has been responsible for several attacks, particularly on UPDF establishments in Northern Uganda.

Openjuru has for more than two years been utilizing his facebook records to announce battle on the decision government and has on a few events said his gathering was shaped to undermine harmony and security in the nation and bring down the current government.

In July, rebels said to be from Democratic Republic of Congo’s Cooperation for the Development of Congo (CODECO) bunch assaulted on UPDF confine in Zeu sub-province in Zombo region killing two officers.

However, the UPDF rebuffed the assault killing four of the aggressors and a few of their individuals caught.

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