War claimants emerges, says Omara Atubo.


The former minister for Lands, housing and urban development Daniel Omara Atubo has started registering a fresh list of those who said to have lost their cows during the karamojong invasion.

Over thirty years ago, a numerous  number of citizens lost their cattle to the warriors and now comes an attempt to make the government compensate.

Apparently the government for the office of the attorney general set aside fifty billion shillings to pilot the compensation of forty-two thousand  forty-two claimants in the greater lango subregion.

Jackson kafuuzi who is the deputy attorney general revealed while meeting the members of parliament from lango that out of 42,042 claimants,  only 18,000 are  to be compensated.

However,  this number deemed not convincing to Daniel Omara Atubo.

Atubo said, there are still thousands of people who lost their cows. A known lawyer in lira city Daniel  Omara Atubo now emerge to start a fresh registration of people who never registered with any other crew.

There are two groups in lango that took government to court demanding for compensation of the lost animals. The two groups include that of Akello Betty and Linda Agnes Auma the women MP  lira district represented by Lawyer Alex Basasa and others, lango war claimant Association  represented by Makmot kibwanga of Makmot kibemwanga and company advocate.

However, Atubo added that his fresh list is not going to affect the existing one already established because the fresh registration is already known by the government. He appealed to the security and other leaders to support his move because it’s going to benefit the local communities who lost their cows in the hands of Karamojong cattle rustlers.






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