Lady burns house girl after dreaming that she was having illicit relationship with husband

Angella Namayega nursing wounds in hosipital

News: Loy Taduba is currently an occupant of Kitalya jail after court remanded her for causing horrifying body damage to a housemaid after she envisioned that she was taking part in an extramarital entanglement with the husband.

It is claimed that on October 4 at Bunga KawukuTaduba poured boiling water on Angela Namayega, who had been her homegrown laborer for near a year.

She was instantly captured and charged at Makindye Magistrates court on October 8. Court remanded her to Kitalya after she confessed.

A relative of Namayega told this website that Taduba conceded that she didn’t have any proof that the house cleaner was having an unsanctioned romance with the spouse anyway she had imagined that the two were sweethearts.

Before the dreadful episode, the relative cases that Taduba had seized Namayega‘s property and retained installment of her compensation for quite some time. Her compensation was Shs 100,000 every month.

Namayega sat her O-levels last year however, because of the lockdown, she had found low maintenance line of work as a house helper. She is right now conceded at Mengo emergency clinic, Albert Cook ward.

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