“Bobi Wine should come out publicly and tame his allies”, says Besigye.


Resistance strongman Dr. Kizza Besigye needs the National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine to ‘tame’ his supporters freely over assaults on the recently launched pressure group, the People’s Front for Transition (PFT).

The People’s Front for Transition (PFT) was launched last week under the red card campaign. The front has however faced resistance among analysts and opposition supporters, saying that it seeks to shadow the National Unity Platform.

On Monday, Besigye, the national chairman of the PFT, told reporters that he had been in contact with Kyagulanyi about these attacks, and he wanted to know when he would publicly “sweet words” with his supporters.

“I called him (Kyagulanyi) and he said he regrets the continued attacks. Some people keep asking me why he didn’t do it publicly. I don’t know why, but I left this to him,” Bessigye said when answering a reporter’s question on Monday.

The four-term presidential candidate and the founding president of FDC stated that he personally contacted Kyagulanyi and the NUP leadership before the PFT was launched, and before the NUP leadership backtracked, they seemed to be close to reaching an agreement.

“I had a detailed contact with them. The government was very open to what we were doing. They showed excitement about this important, but then I thought they attracted different colleagues and became suspicious,” Besigye added.

Besigye in any case said that he is certain that perhaps after meeting with their people, they might come and be significant for them.

He said that it’s anything but a reality that they have sidelined NUP and reaffirmed liabilities to work with each party that searches for change.

NUP delegate Joel Ssenyonyi let this site in on that they are flabbergasted to see FDC searching for relationship with them, yet they were idle when they contacted them as of late.

“You review that we sent letters to all social affairs, and they all addressed expect FDC. It is possible that they were involved,” Ssenyonyi said.

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