“Restore the nation’s glory” Akena tells Museveni

Jimmy Akena_UPC_president

By Calvin ONGOM

The day it wringled like someone was writing on the clouds of the late was thought  that Uganda would not relentlessly celebrate the independence  anniversary, something was seemed not right in the affairs of the nation Uganda as many people were convinced that chocolate milk  fell from the sky not from the foreign diplomats.

The 59th celebration day at Kololo national Political ground today Saturday 9th October 2021 ended with a drizle and non- puzzles as uganda commemorates  her 59th independence anniversary  since 1962 which was  under the stewardship of the late Apolo Milton obote.

This celebration which was based in the theme “Celebrating our 59th independence anniversary day as secure our future through  national mind set change “ was graced by the president of the republic of Uganda Yoweri kaguta Muzeveni together with  other dignitaries.

While presiding over this anniversary he said, since the formation of people’s  liberation front, Uganda was made a slaughterhouse but peace  restored and there is security, agriculture  systems was  poor compared to today’s. He also added that the multiparty system has been adopted and made constitutional plus many good things that has been put in place and the ones which are yet to come.

However, according to Jimmy Akena the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) , he advised the government on restoring  the  country’s economic  glory by re-empowering the major key areas especially in agriculture and mining.
Elena says by the time Uganda got her independence on 9th October 1962, the country  was modeled on 3cs :cotton m, coffee,  cotton that  laid a foundation  for modernized Uganda especially  with  boom periods  of the 1960s. “But still it was felt that our future needs to be more secured  with consolidation  of the 3cs as well as conscious  diversification to transport, tobacco and tea, he said

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