Nbs Tv talkative presenter Kayz out of jail like a shaolin master

Kayz_Nbs _Tv _Uncut
Next media workers Kayz And Wako on zoom during bail application.

Life in prison can be compared to life in hell, it has been proven from the current looks of unapologetic and uncensored workers of the Next Media Isaac Kawaalya aka Kayz, Brian Wako and Makko after shaving off their hair shaolin style.

This morning October, 06, 2021 the Nbs TV and Sanyuka TV paparazzi have appeared before the judge of Buganda road court to be granted a bail after spending 6 days in Kitalya prison. However, the electricity at Buganda court blacked off and the bail hearing was shifted to High court in Kampala.

NBS TV Lugambo headboy Kayz arrested and remanded to Kitalya prison.

The judge finally granted the trio 10 million shillings non-cash bail.The entertainment show presenters were charged with offensive communication and criminal libel against singer Omulangira Ssuna together with blogger Isma Olaxess who appeared before court on Tuesday and had his Ugx 10 million non-cash bail application granted.

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