Ashburg Katto arrested for hacking a popular Journalist’s social media.

Ashburg _Katto_arrested
Ashburg at Jinja road police station

Outdated blogger Ashburg Katto was  arrested for allegedly hacking of social media platforms, and he is held at Jinja road police station.

Ashraf Nadagirimana Gatto popularly known as Ashburg Katto was arrested on Friday 30, September 2021 for reportedly hacking into a city renown investigative  journalist Stanely Ndawula’s social media platforms.

Ashburg, a former Bobi Wine diehard who later defected to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party, has since recorded a statement at police which the prosecutors will base on prefer charges against him.

Ndawula who owns a news website  “the investigator” recorded statement of hacking his social media platforms and hackers posted disgusting videos and photos of a one Aisha that went viral on social media platforms, However he “Ndawula” linked the act to the city tycoon Sudhir Rupereria and his son Rajiv.

Sudhir and son implicated in a nude video  scandal.

According to Ndawula, Ashburg  was hired by tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia to hack into and take over his website “The Investigator News”.

He adds that Sudhir Ruparelia has been working around the clock behind the scenes, trying to hack into the web hoping he would shut it down completely.

Sudhir accuses the website of blackmail. A number of blog posts have been published by ”The Investigator News” website exposing how the moneybags Sudhir allegedly robbed Crane Bank to death and owned Simbamanyo building by fraud.

Ashburg reportedly confessed he was approached by an aide of a rich businessman to run a social media ‘gig’ against Ndawula.
Forensic experts also recovered evidence from Ashburg’s phone which is being assessed by prosecutors.

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