Opposition Mps storm out of the parliament with Freedom T-shirts.

opposition legislators walked out of prenary sitting after the state failed to explain the abduction of MPs

Opposition legislators in parliament of Uganda walked out of prenary sitting after the state failed to explain the abduction of MPs Hon Allan Ssewanyana & Hon Ssegirinya moments after they had been granted bail.

The sitting of the parliament on Tuesday 28, September 2021 was put on halt after the leader of opposition Hon Mathias Mpuuga raised concerns on grounds of how Hon Allan Ssewanyana and Hon Muhammad Ssegirinya were re-arrested.

Hon  Mpuuga on Tuesday afternoon led a section of opposition Members of Parliament out of the Chamber. He said it’s unfair for Parliament to conduct business normally, yet some of it’s members are under unclear arrest.

Kira Municipality legislator Hon Ssemujju Nganda tried to raise a motion before the Speaker of parliament Hon Jacob Oulanyah to suspend Plenary sittings until the two MPs are set free.

However, Oulanyah asked Ssemujju to formally the Office of the Speaker before moving the motion. The Speaker also demanded to know the circumstances under which MPs were rearrested.

Oulanyah suspended the House session for 15 minutes to allow the government Chief Whip Thomas Tayembwa to get the Internal Affairs Minister to come and offer an explanation.

Oulanyah emphasised that Unless they get answers to the asked questions, the house shall not proceed with this sitting. All the opposition Hon members changed the dress code and to T-shirts labbled Freedom for Ssewanyana and Ssegirinya.

After elapse of the suspension, the sitting resumed and the Prime Minister Robina Nabbanja told the Speaker that the MPs were being interrogated and will soon be presented before the court.
Similarly, Attorney General Kiryowa Kiwanuka said the two MPs will be presented in court once again.

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