Muhammad Nsereko warns Museveni over tampering bail bill

Kampala Central Mp Hon Muhammad Nsereko

“Do not try to tamper with human rights. Everyone can be a victim.” Kampala Central Mp Hon Nsereko tells Gen Museveni

Kampala Central MP Hon Muhammad Nsereko has urged Gen Museveni and the NRM caucus not to tamper with the law as far as giving out bail to suspects is concerned.

Nsereko says that tampering with the law is dangerous  because anyone can be a victim any time and thus those pushing for its change can one day fall prey to the same law they are tampering with.

Nsereko said in Arua, NUP President Kyagulanyi was being victimized for having had guns in his hotel room asking where the case died from. He adds that if he had not been granted bail, what would be the issue per now.

Nsereko adds that if the President Museveni that spoke about human rights a month ago  is the same one talking about not granting bail then it is so disappointing with the head of state because bail is one of the human rights.

“President Museveni should know that the yes people around him are letting him go astray. He is making the law today, but it can catch up with him soon too.” Nsereko says

This month President Museveni came out to say that it is unconstitutional for a suspected killer to be granted bail because many criminals will continue to kill people expecting to go away with it after securing bail.

He added that he wants the law changed not to allow suspects to be granted bail.

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