US sends deadly weapons into South China Sea, war looms

By Jabel Kugonza
The United States has intensified her military presence in the Indo-Pacific ocean after deploying her deadly aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan led by Capt. Fred Gold hammer on Friday.

Capt. Gold hammer says the deployment focuses to secure American interests in the region “As we continue our mission in the South China Sea, we remain vigilant and ready to answer the call” said Capt. Gold hammer.

Lately, the South China Sea has become a contentious issue between the US and China after the former claiming the territory, setting up military installations and facilities something that has not pleased Washington.

More fundamentally is the threat Beijing possesses with her expansionism in the region and her aggressive approach towards Taiwan.
This comes days after the US, UK and Australia inaugurated a new pact dubbed AUKS an alliance that will see the three countries share new military technology and build Nuclear propelled Submarines.

China has accused the US of forging irresponsible alliances in a bid to stop her rise. It’s interesting to see how Beijing will counter the new pact after Japan and Taiwan endorsed it. It’s contemplated that Beijing will adopt a more radical policy towards protecting her position in the region.

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