Bobi Wine denied US visa, see why.

By Jabel Kugonza

Opposition strong man Kyagulanyi  Sentamu Robert alias Bobi Wine has been denied a visa to the US over COVID-19 restrictions on Thursday. The pop star turned Politician was enroute US via Qatar to attend the Uganda action day and convention in the US.

Upon reaching Doha, the politician was told that he can’t access the US considering the fact he visited South Africa in less than two weeks ago. When I got Doha Qatar, it was noted that I was in South Africa less than two weeks” said Bobi Wine in a Facebook post.

The US considers South Africa as a COVID-19 hotspot and nobody is allowed to enter the US if they visited South Africa is less than two weeks before seeking a move to the US.

Bobi Wine says he will return to Uganda and follow the meeting online “It is on account that I had to cancel my onward travel to the US and return to Uganda” Bobi Wine said.
NUP officials Zaake and Chairman Nyanzi are set to represent their boss at the convention.

However, Unconfirmed sources claim Bobi Wine was found with illegal drugs in Qatar and will subsequently be deported to Uganda.

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