Foreigners led to Bobi Wine’s loss in 2021 polls – Museveni

An interview with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni 2021, at the Entebbe State house, with Der Spiegel journalist, Maximilian Pop, and Sussane

Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni while in an interview with a France 24 journalist said that he is not scared about anything from NUP and its leader Kyagulanyi because he has been fighting wars for the last 60 years and successfully defeating all his enemies.

Museveni said that however, he is open to dialogue with Mr Kyagulanyi just as he has had dialogues with many other people who have always had disagreements with him like Gen Moses Ali, some leaders in the ADF, among others.

Gen Museveni added that he is looking forward to meeting Kyagulanyi in the IPOD meetings so that they can discuss and find a solution that best suits Uganda. It should be remembered that this week NUP issued an official statement abandoning the IPOD meeting.

Gen Museveni also said that Kyagulanyi  had started well as a young politician but lost track the day he allowed his People Power movement to be hijacked by foreigners adding that this is the reason why the NRM defeated him in the January polls.

“He started well as a young politician. His mistake was allowing foreigners to take control of his group. Ugandans saw this mistake, and they said the old man should stay.” Museveni said.

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