NUP abandons joining IPOD.

Robert Mao greeting Museveni at IPOD summit 2018.

By Jabel Kugonza
The National Unity Platform has confirmed that they won’t take part in the Inter-Party organization for Dialogue (IPOD).
The biggest opposition political party in Parliament alluded to a plethora of issues to justify their position not to take part in the dialogue in a letter signed by the party Secretary general Lewis Rubongoya dated 3rd September.

Among them was the illegal abduction, detention and imprisonment of  the NUP  supporters in gazetted and non gazetted prisons and safe houses where they face  barbaric treatment and torture.
The NUP also pointed out the indefinite closure of civil society organization a few weeks ago saying it shrinks democratic space in the country.

Nup letter abandoning Ipod.

The NUP further castigated Museveni for turning the IPOD into an event where party leaders only meet for a cup of tea and photos at the expense of genuine democratic dialogue.

While Museveni was speaking to the France 24 on Wednesday, Museveni revealed that his government was open to talks with the opposition and especially Bobi Wine “we are ready to negotiate with anyone, even Bobi Wine” he said.

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