Here are the suspects that pinned Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana over Masaka murders.

Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana at Masaka magistrate court.

By Jabel Kugonza
The Masaka Magistrates court on Tuesday charged MPs  Muhammad Segirinya and Allan Sewayana over the Masaka murders and remanded them to Kitalya prison.

According to court, The duo were implicated in the murders by some suspects arrested. During interrogations carried out by Criminal Investigation Directorate, the suspects confessed and linked the two MPs to the murders.

Birivumba one of the suspects revealed  Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana were physically present in Masaka and physically carried out murders of Micheal Nawa and Tadeo Kiyimba in Kabobera village in Masaka City. He further revealed that duo organized and coordinated meetings at Happy boys bar were tactics of carrying out the murders were instigated.

The Mps were remanded to Kitalya prison and will be expected to appear in court on 15th September.
Police spokesperson Fred Enanga  said over 30 people were arrested in connection to the murders and have been arraigned in court and remanded to Kitalya prison. Several other suspects are being tracked down by police and will soon be arraigned in court upon arrest.

The Masaka mysterious murders  in Greater Masaka region have claimed over 26 lives over the last one month.

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