Ssegirinya cries joyful tears as court ruled in his favor against Kidandala.

Ssegirinya Muhammad and Sulaima kidandala

By Jabel Kugonza
The poll petition filed by Sulaiman Kidandala challenging Segirinya‘s victory has been dismissed by the High court on Tuesday.
High court Deputy Registrar Justice Henrita dismissed the petition against Ssegirinya (Mr. Updates) citing Kidandala lawyers didn’t serve Segirinya as stipulated by the law.

“There is no proof whatsoever that the petitioners served Ssegirinya a must in the law” ruled Henrita.

Kidandala‘s lawyers told court that they found it hard to Serve Segirinya who was under incurserration at Kitarya at the time. However, Henrita emphasized the importance of serving Ssegirinya the petitioners had to personally serve him  while in prison or through the prison officer in charge (OC) Fred Mugia said Henrita.

Muhammad Segirinya emerged victorious in the Kawempe North Constituency polls in a race of 9 candidates polling 41,197 votes with Sulaiman Kidandala his closest competitor polling 7150 votes.

In February, Kidandala sought court innervation to nullify Segirinya‘s victory citing the latter lacked the minimum academic qualifications and was not a legitimate voter in Kawempe North Constituency. Mr. Updates was also accused of forging academic papers by the petitioners

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