Dj Emma of Cbs Fm has died.

Renown city DJ who has been working on 89.2 Central broadcasting Service (CBS) FM “Emmanduso” on  Evening cruise program  Emmanuel Maseege aka DJ Emma has passed on. DJ Emma emerged when he was an official DJ for the one of the best clubs in Kampala Club “Ambiance” and “Nyondo” club.

DJ Emma has been presenting a program called evening cruise that runs from 04-07pm  Monday to Friday and during the time of his sickness it is Mbazira Tony that has been sitting in for him. He has mentored varios Djs such as Deejay Mark, Dj Edu Mystic and many others.

DJ Emma has been sick for the past weeks, but his situation was improving which has left many people in shock. Rest in peace the king of oldies.

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