Fear erupts in Masindi as machete welding assailants threaten to strike.

By Jabel Kugonza
There is intense fear and panic in Kamunyonga cell, Masindi Municipaliy in Masindi district following the resurgence of machete wielding assailants in the area.

On Sunday, the community woke up to anonymous letters dropped by unknown people entailing the potential people to be eliminated in the area.

Apparently, these identified themselves as the Machete wielding assailants in Luganda “Ffe Abebijambiya”. They warned locals that Masindi was their next target hit area “Ne Masindi Tujja”.
Ojok, the area LCI was included on the elimination list Kamanyire Estoni, Mugisa magamboKyamanwya Ibrahim among others were also a part of the death list.

Machete wielding assassination threats are not unprecedented in Masind , district. In 2018 there was immense fear in the district as these mysterious assailants emerged, dropping several leaflets and letters entailing those who would be killed.

This triggered total breakdown of tranquility in the area as several people sought to evacuate their families from the targeted areas.

Police in the district has warned anyone plotting to destabilize the district and has assured locals of an intensified patrol mechanism in the target area. The community was further cautioned to observe curfew directives.

The machete wielding assaliants have lately put the country in dissaray following a series of mysterious murders particularly in Masaka region. About 30 people have been taken out in the last 40 days.

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