Alpha Conde of Guinea Conakry overthrown by his soldiers.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya who led the coup in Guinea conakry.

The development came after residents heard about two hours of heavy gunfire across the capital Conakry. Guinea soldiers on have said they have taken control of the government and suspended the Constitution.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya of the Guinea military said in a short video recorded in the capital Conakry that the National Assembly has been dissolved.

A video has also circulated on social media showing President Alpha Conde being held shoesless  by soldiers. He was subsequently shoved into a vehicle and driven away.

However the ministry of defence said that that military that attempted to take over were thwarted by the presidential guards

Mr Conde 83, won a third term of office last October. Continental body AU has yet to release a statement about the development.

Conde is being accused of personalization of the country’s resources, corruption, despotism and mismanagement, old age among others.

Conde won his third term in December 2020 after a controversial constitutional amendment last March that gave him legitimacy to run for more two terms as president. This act was perceived as a move intended to entrench Conde‘s personal aspirations at the expense of the masses. Conde is currently being held by the elite army.Co

The coup has been globally condemned with the United Nations tasking the Junta to organize an election With in the next 60 days.

This is the second coup in the region in about a year following the overthrow of Mali Former leader Aboubakar Ibrahim Keira who was overthrown last August in a coup organized by his vice president and military.

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