“You’re pigs, you can’t defeat NRA whether politically or militarily.” Museveni to Pang murders.

General Museveni warns the Bijambiya assailants in great Masaka.

Gen Museveni has once roared again that no can defeat his army whether politically or militarily. Museveni‘s words were referring to the ongoing killings in greater Masaka region by yet to be identified assailants that have made the region unpeaceful.

As he passed out officer cadets and non-commissioned officers at Kololo independence grounds, the Gen said that it is complete deception for one to ever think he can intimidate this government.

“The country will remain peaceful. There are people who miscalculate & think they can disturb Uganda and NRM. This is just self deception because there’s no force that can defeat us whether politically or militarily” Gen Museveni said

Gen Museveni added that its unfortunate that they (assailants) have caused the death of old people (in Greater Masaka) but added that these assailants are finished because they will be caught and evidence will be brought to court to pin them.

“Killing an old man or woman, you’re a pig. There’s no way you can commit a crime in Uganda and we fail to know you. Sometimes it’s just the failure of the Police to mobilise well. Many of the young people have been arrested and the rest will be arrested” Gen Museveni added.

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