Rockets targeting Kabul airport Intercepted, US warns of more attacks.

Photo by Gettyt Images.

The situation in Arfghanistan is getting more tense ahead of the evacuation deadline .

Several rockets were fired towards Kabul International airport on Monday morning only to intercepted before hitting their target.

The White House confirmed that the Rocket attacks didn’t affect the evacuation process due to stop on Tuesday 31st August. The foiled attacks aimed at the Hamid Kaizai Airport in the Afghan Capital could be linked to the Sunday US drone strikes targeting ISIS-K leaders behind the Thursday suicide bombings on Kabul airport which left hundreds killed including 13 US troops.

The drone strikes took out two IS-K top leaders according to the Pentagon. The Pentagon informed that US will stay on course to eliminate IS-K leaders behind the Thursday attacks at Kabul International airport.

The Taliban have condemned the US for launching drone attacks against the IS-K without notifying them.

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