Several killed in ISIS attacks on Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

By Jabel Kugonza

Several civilians 12 US troops killed at Kubul airport/Photo by Ap

About 60 people have been killed and hundreds injured in the terrorist attacks on Kabul International Airport on Thursday afternoon. There were about three explosions near a gate at the Kabul International airport as gunmen were seen shooting at crowds at the airport.

The complex attacks came at the time when various western powers are working around the clock to evacuate people ahead of the 31st August evacuation deadline set by US president Joe Biden.

The US Pentagon spokesman John Kirby in a statement confirmed that the US has lost 15 service members and over 65 have been injured. The US still has over 1000 people stranded in Afghanistan.

The attacks came hours after Joe Biden warned of a potential ISIS-K attack on the airport. The Islamic State terrorists are renown enemies of Taliban who differ on minute details of religion and strategy.

The leaders of the ISIS-K rejected the deal between the Taliban and the U.S. signed in Doha last year. After the capture of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the ISIS didn’t congratulate the insurgents unlike others Jihadist groups.

The ISIS essentially remains the prime suspect for Thursday’s attacks on Kabul airport.
The Taliban have strongly condemned the attacks, claiming to have warned NATO of imminent attack. “Taliban won’t allow terrorists use Afghanistan as a base for their operation” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujaheddin noted.

International condolences and condemnation has come from world leaders following the attacks on Kabul International airport. What remains to be seen is whether the evacuations of people from Afghanistan will continue following the attacks.

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