“You’re a political pig” Betty Nambooze baptizes another NRM Mp.

Mukono municipality Mp Betty Nambooze and David Kabanda Mp of Kasambya constituency

Motor mouthed and Mukono Municipality member of Parliament (Mp) Hon. Betty Nambooze went physical on fellow legislator Hon. David Kabanda  Kasambya Constituency Mp an incident that has left many Ugandans questioning the integrity of legislators in this country.

While appearing on the popular NBS TV Tuesday night show dubbed Barometer “Akasameme”,  Hon. Nambooze turned violent attacking Hon. Kabanda when the latter described the opposition as position seekers who want President Museveni to stay in power.

“Nambooze doesn’t want Museveni to leave power because they earn from these small committees”. At this point, it becomes apparent that Nambooze had lost her cool descending on Kabanda spontaneously referring to him as a pig.

“Kabanda should stop playing politics of pig !!!, You know pigs make themselves dirty and then starts scrubbing on the trees to remove that dirt on its skin or clothes”. She stated.  Nambooze was seen standing up attempting to punch Kabanda only to be restrained by Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa.

It is not the first time the Nup iron lady ashamed the fellow panelist, it is the same show where she named a renowned businessman Balam Barugahara a ‘useful idiot’.

The show host Zambaali Bulasio Mukasa seemed to have lost control over the show which was prematurely ended after descending chaotically.

Other guests on the show were Political analyst and Former spy chief Charles Rwomushana and the minister for microfinance Cooperatives Hon. Haruna Kasolo.

Nambooze and Rwomushana are regular panelists on Barometer “Akasameme”, on NBS TV a show which analyses current political affairs in the country.

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