“Museveni has never meant his words on human rights.” Joseph Kabuleta.

Joseph Kabuleta former presidential candidate.

Government critic and former Presidential candidate Joseph Kabuleta has commented on Gen Museveni’s words where he said that the security forces should stop violating human rights.

According to Kabuleta, Gen Museveni is a person who preaches A and does B. Kabuleta says that Gen Museveni is a kind of person who always does the opposite of what he preaches.

Kabuleta adds that if at all Museveni meant his words, he would have started by freeing all political prisoners who are being illegally detain in the many prison cells across the country.

Kabuleta adds that Museveni’s words were  targeting a particular group of people but not the citizens.

The speech for Human Rights was intended for the international audience because for us, we know, nothing is going to change. Let’s not waste time giving our opinions. We weren’t supposed to be hearing. “ Kabuleta says.

“I hope the international audience heard Mr Museveni speak. I don’t want to spend a lot of time discussing the President’s security address.” Kabuleta adds.

A few weeks ago, Gen Museveni ordered the security forces stopping mistreating Ugandans whether one is a criminal or not saying that whoever will violate his orders will ve punished.

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