Bobi Wine: “I went to America to block the foreign funding of Museveni’s Junta regime.

Bobi Wine continues to put Gen Museveni on heat saucepan.

National unity platform (NUP) President Hon Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has revealed the reason why he was out of the country for almost a month.

Kyagulanyi has today said that he went of out of the country to block foreign funds from being given to Gen Museveni’s government because it’s the same funds that this government uses to mistreat its own citizens while the rest is just eaten by Museveni’s  henchmen.

Kyagulanyi says all the loans Uganda gets become a burden to the taxi payer, yet the taxi payer does not gain anything from the loans neither the grants.

Kyagulanyi has also promised to take Gen Museveni to the ICC to be charged for the crimes against humanity for the time he has been in power.

Kyagulanyi adds that he is working tirelessly day and night to see that he brings Museveni’s regime down because every year Museveni spends in power takes Uganda backward by 5 years.

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