Uganda to host Afghan refugees following the Taliban take over.

Afghanis fleeing the country/courtesy photo.

Uganda to host 2,000 Afghan refugees on the request of the US Government after the Taliban took over once again after being ousted out of power 20 years ago by the Bush administration.

The first batch of 500 Afghans are expected to land today at the Entebbe International airport with others expected to come in a few days time.

The Ministry of Disaster preparedness and refugees says they are prepared for their arrival with further preparations as to where they will be housed also going on.

According to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the US will incur all the expenses of taking care of the refugees from Afghanistan.

All the expected refugees were those Afghans who were collaborating with the US forming a government that has only lasted 20 years.

Social Media has since Sunday been watered with thousands of videos and photos showing Afghans desperately wanting to leave the country through Kabul International Airport after the Taliban captured the capital.

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