“Stop asking about Lumbuye, look for survival He is alive”. Minister of foreign affairs.

Foreign affairs minister Okello Oryem speaks about Fred Lumbuye.

Kampala: The State Minister of Foreign Affairs Okello Oryem has urged Ugandans to focus on looking for survival, not sticking to ask about Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye’s whereabouts.

It’s now weeks down since the foreign affairs Okello Oryem confirmed that Turkey-based Ugandan blogger who was arrested in Turkey would be deported back home.

Today Oryem has urged Ugandans to focus on looking for survival, not asking about Lumbuye whereabouts. Speaking to NTV Uganda on Tuesday morning, Oryem said, “He [Lumbuye] is alive, people shouldn’t be worried about him.”

“The relevant authorities will at the right time bring him to the public and before courts of law,” he added. However, Chemical Ali’s (Lumbuye) whereabouts remain mystery, the government has since kept tight-lipped.

The Uganda Police force’s spokesperson Fred Enanga, however, earlier revealed that they have 15 cases that they will bring against him once he is handed over.

The Nup legal team also continue to search for the social media General in all Turkish detention centres but it has not yet yield any positive information for Lumbuye’s diehards.

Early this week the information circulated alleging that Lumbuye is detained at Gulu air forces base and he met with Gen Museveni’s brother General Salim Saleh.

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